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heat and fan issue when nothing is running, screen is just on.


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Damn that means I will have to decide what one to use instead of someone telling me... lol thank you though it is good to know if I try one and find that I don't like it I can switch to the other one...
I use AVG if that helps.


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Which is better AVG or Avast?

Avast paid is better than AVG free. AVG 2015 vs Avast? Preference, but AVG is extremely efficient, and that's why I love it.

I am using AVG Internet Security 2015. The interface is fantastic, and it doesn't have any notable effect on my battery life. I've been getting 8.5 hours at 40% brightness.

If you have it perform a full scan, it will eat your battery, but the background processes like the watchdog service and various automatic scans have no impact on my battery life and never really consume any resources.

Antivirus is a preference thing. Last I checked, I think Bitdefender or Kaspersky had the best detection rates - slightly. I haven't seen any AVG 2015 tests yet though.


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I had this exact issue in the beginning. For some reason Windows Defender would run all the time when the system was idle causing it to heat up and the fan to kick in. Once I disabled it and installed BitDefender I have never had any issues with the system running hot while idle. I have been very happy with BitDefender--free, unobtrusive, and effective-- but just choose another AV software and disable WD and I think you will find this fixes your issue. Good luck!