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File / cloud sync.

Wayne Orwig

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I want to sync my Android mobile photos to my PC, and sync a few documents in folders that I choose between PCs and Android.

For a good while now I have been using a program called Sugarsync to keep some documents and mobile photos synced between a couple of PCs and an Android phone. Sugarsync lets me mark any directory on the PC to sync with any other directory. In a few months they are bumping up the price from free, to $80. I only have about 1G of files, so it isn't worth it to me to pay that much.
Skydrive doesn't appear to actually sync files to the Android device, and doesn't let me pick files that aren't on the one special folder on the PCs. Google drive is about the same.
I assume Dropbox will do the job, but haven't used it yet.

Are there any others?
As an alternative, the recent update to the SkyDrive app on iOS has an option to backup photos to SkyDrive (much the same as DropBox). Would that help?