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Finally Found a Forum!


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Greeting and salutations everyone,

I've had my surface for almost a week now and just found this forum. This is my first tablet and I am really enjoying the freedom it brings. My first interaction goes back to Windows 3.11 on a Gateway 386 w/a 486 processor in it.

I have been a user of Windows Mobile phones since the HTC Vogue and am currently using the HTC Arrive. I have been an active member of sites ranging from PPCGeeks to XDA-developers.

I felt the Surface would be a welcome addition to our family. I regularly participate as a Beta tester ranging from Xbox dashboard updates to WP updates. We have been running Windows 8 on our laptops since early August. I purchased the updates the day of release to get the full version.

I look forward to finding new and wonderful things to do with the Surface and meeting individuals that are experiencing this new device.



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Glad you found us Manifold!

You know the deal with forums then, so just let us know when you have an issue, or if you find a new tip or trick and want to share with us.

Enjoy your new toy!