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Actually when I say similar behavior it may be exaggerated a bit. LAN just takes quite a while to connect. Usually after it boots or wakes up I see the limited connectivity icon and it stays there for half a minute or so.

Is there a way to check if the WiFi chip is OK? Is bluetooth also handled by the same chip, for instance?
You would need some kind of chip specific diagnostic program to verify functions. The manufacturer, Marvell, probably has one but it may not be available to the public... I don't see it anywhere. Specific chip from the teardown: Marvell 88W8897 WLAN + BT4.0 + NFC Combo Chip (with no NFC support on the device)


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The issue with the router channels is a regional one. In the U.S. it tops out at channel 11. I believe that channels 12 and 13 are for Europe and possibly Asia. So, if you had a U.S. version computer and you traveled to Europe, you wouldn't be able to "see" a router that was using channels 12 or 13.

The various jurisdictions have some of the frequencies defined in the WiFi specs. already assigned for other purposes, so those channels must be blocked out on the adapter so as not to interfere with the equipment already assigned to those frequencies.

Perhaps this is your issue?

Are you sure about this? I bought my SP3 in Canada where it locked on just fine to a variety of private and public WIFI networks. My home is in Europe, which is where I am currently located and my SP3 locks on the a variety of private and public hotspots equally well. Of course, I notice you mentioned the US in you post and that could very well be a problem though I am not sure how and/ or why a device like the SP3 would or should have this problem.


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We are in UK but bought our two Surface 3 pro in usa where we are quite often. Now on W10 and no real issues. This weekend we tried connecting to brother's new Sky router but it did not show up in list but the Sky router of neighbours did! Research reveals it is because Sky's new router allows channels 12 & 13 and our USA Surfaces wont allow over Channel 11. I did find a thread:
How to enable all Wi-Fi channels on the US Surface Pro
explaining how to tweek the registry but on w10 at least the line to alter value mentioned is not there. Has anyone found a way of making a USA Surface 3 Pro, on W10, pick up higher channels?! A work around would be a wifi dongle.


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As far as I know the higher channels are more hardware (chipset) controlled than software or OS controlled. I'm not sure you could make a change that would allow it to work. Most devices sold in the UK, (and some other areas), take 12 & 13 into account but not typically devices sold in the US. This has been an issue on Android tablets forever.


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Thanks leeshor. My android phone s5 picked up the channels just fine but neither surfaces did. I imagined as you could once tweak the egistry you might be able to now. This is the first time I've had an issue despite lots of foreign travel although most on USA and Australia. I suppose a wifi dongle would work?

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