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Finally Found the '+ Post New Thread' Button! From NZ Yaaaay :))


I know this will make me sound stupid but iv'e been trying to post a thread here for a month but couldn't find the '+ post new thread' button :')
I'm from New Zealand and have been admiring the surface since i first watched the trailer on youtube .Also i have watched nearly every youtube video on the surface and the touch and type cover and know the specs of my brain.haha
Im 15 and this would help me allot with note taking in class and help overall.
But since i haven't held one myself i would like to ask for people experince with the surface and WinRT.

My luck the surface is not available in New Zealand and have thought about getting a surface sent from Australia via a friend, but can be risky with warranty and coverage. Do you guys think i should wait another few months to see if the surface arrives here in New zealand or ship from aussie?

I love the surface soooooo much and think it is a really productive but is great for consuming as well. The 16:9 ratio makes it great for viewing hd content with no black bars but im a little concerned about the resolution being 1366x768. It's fine as microsoft uses Clear type HD sub pixel rendering method to make text look sharp and crisp, but will that mean that watching 1080p movies wont really be 1080p but will be shown as 720p since having a resolution of 1366x768 and not 1920x1080. Wont this just waste a little HDD space since you might as well just watch 720p and save that little HDD space. What do you guys think?
Is there a noticeable difference with the resolution over all

Also the Tegra 3 it's very power efficient, yet power full at the same time. I wanted to know you experience playing 3D high graphical games on the surface, like hydro thunder with the Xbox controller, reckless racing, or rocket riot 3D. How was your experience?

Another thing id like to know about is the touch and type cover.
I have read multiple posts of users touch cover peeling of at the top or the magnets detach from the touch cover. Whats the best way to use the touch cover to insure this wont happen? And with the red touch cover is it a bright red or dark orange??

I know the app store growing rapidly with quality apps and games, but are there any killer games that take advantage of the xbox 360 controller support?
If so could you please give me a list.

Have a great day and look forward to all your reply's from your surface tablets :)


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Welcome Hstakz. Lots of good questions and most of them are covered in various threads so look in the different sections and read around. Here are also a few answers.

Go ahead and get one from Australia. One of our Asia Pacific members did that and has reported several support options should it be necessary.

The screen is great despite it's "low resolution." It was also a concern of mine but once you see it and start using it you realize it is up to the task. You are correct about full 1080 movies. If you are going to rip or convert to digital files you can save space by using 720 instead of 1080. For a couple of files it isn't gong to make much of a difference but if you are planning on storing an entire movie library on the Surface then go ahead and down size the files.

Touch/Type cover question comes up a lot and is like the screen in that it is a concern until it isn't. I found the touch cover to be far better after testing it than I could have imagined and saw no reason to upgrade to the type cover. Of course this will be a personal preference and depend on how much you type. If you are a mega typer or just like regular keys then the type cover may be for you. Don't sell the touch cover short though and give it a good try before you decide.

Don't worry about the cover issues and magnet issues. They seem to be limited batch defects and Microsoft is replacing under warranty in either case. Chances are you won't have the issues but it you do simply return the product and you will get a replacement.

The games are coming along though it seems they can use some work and a lot of optimization. Members have been reporting good experiences but this isn't the ultimate gaming tablet.



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I'm fron the Philippines and bought my Surface in Australia.

I don't worry about the resolution which looks better than that of my Acer S3 at the same resolution. The colors on my Acer are calibrated with Spyder color calibration, and I don't need calibration on the Surface RT as it looks "right" to begin with.

Th magnets detached from the body of the Surface, not from any cover and looks to be like an isolated, i.e., lemon, situation.


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I'm still alive! :D

Anyway, I miss Auckland. I was there for three weeks, I watched Independence Day, the movie there.


Well, glad you found the button! Hope you're enjoying a Surface tab by now too. Sometimes it takes awhile, but well worth the effort.