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finally solved the surface pro pen problem


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like most of you, I've been very frustrated with the SP's inability to hold the pen. I used the pen all the time and hate that it falls off or comes loose. it's bad enough that I have resorted tocarrying the spro in a case whereas I just want to carry it around with the pen attached.

so I did something relly simple: I put some Velcro on the side of the pen and on the side of the spro. the Velcro is thick enough that the magnetic connector doesn't attach anymore, but who cares - Velcro is MJCH more secure.

and I czn just flip it around if I need to plug in the power supply. I might put a strip of Velcro on the long side (where the keyboard doesn't attach) and leave it there.

it/s not pretty but very functional. now I can just carry the spro by itself with the pen and not worry about it falling off.

yay. wish I'd thought of this months ago.