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I know my wife's win phone 8 has the feature where you can enable MS to track your phone and you can do a remote wipe, change your passcode, things like that. Pretty cool. It would be nice on the surface in case you lose it, does the Surface have this feature?


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I checked my Windows Live account, and I don't see an option for the Surface. My opinion is due to the lack of Mobile connection, where you actually register with a mobile number. If the Surface was stolen and never connects to WiFi, there's no way to wipe it.


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Can't track it without GPS but it seems to me MS could enable a remote wipe once it connects to the internet.


For Android there was a really cool app called GotYa! that took a picture with the front facing camera every time the screen was turned on. Then it would email the picture and a gps location (optional) to an email address of your choice. I had this feature on my Asus Transformer and loved it; though, luckily I never needed to use it.