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Samsung Note 10.1 2014 VS MS Surface 2 (RT)


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Looking for a 'work-oriented' tablet so I can stop hauling around my 15" HP elitebook laptop from site to site. I'm a field engineer by profession and currently carry 2 backpacks (one with my tools/cables/meters and 2nd backpack with HP laptop/power cables+mouse, etc). Trying to eliminate the laptop bag and replace it with a tablet. Might get a new backpack so I can fit the tablet+field gear in one bag. I don't own any tablets personally (my kids have a iPad mini and iPad3) and I find Apple to 'enclosed' for my taste so I don't bother with their tablets so much. I stopped by Bestbuy earlier this week and played around both with the Surface 2 and Note 2014 and like them both.

Critical requirements:
- Battery life (looking for 6-8 hrs under normal use..min 6 hrs)
- Office suite (hence why I'm looking at Surface 2 which has full office suite built-in..not sure if Google has something similar). I won't create full blown docs but more for viewing excel/word data from my work (for field inventory, etc)
- Good 'portability' factor...both the new Surface 2 and Samsung 2014 seem lightweight for daily usage.
- Remote desktop capability (this is where I do most of the work from sites...remote into servers, my work desktop, etc). I understand with Surface 2, mstsc.exe runs fine from desktop mode.
- Good file management via SD cards
- MKV support (for movies on SD card).
- Under $500 (don't see any point in spending extra for a tabet ;-))
- Decent apps for casual entertainment (I'm not a demanding guy..basics like netflix, flipboard, weather, news apps will keep me happy)

I like the S-pen feature on the Note but from what I've read, some people say it's more of a novelty than an actual helpful feature. Also, not sure whether Google has any remote desktop app or Office apps for productivity. Surface 2 has both rdp/office but no S-pen and MS apps are too limited (in its current stage).

What do you guys recommend?



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based on your critical requirements, seems like the Surface rt or Surface 2 will fit the bill. id go for the newer model Surface 2. I had the original Note 10.1 or 2013 one. I sold it once I got my surface pro and surface rt. the note was a great device. but the windows experience takes tablets to a whole new level. I went from ipad to android to now windows 8.1 devices. the Surface is far superior in productivity capabilities. like you said, it comes with the full office suite included. battery life is great.

the note 10.1 2014 is a great device with great looking screen. but the pros from the surface 2 far outweigh it. it has a great screen also. then don't forget it has a usb 3.0 port on it also. so you can use most keyboards or mice with it also if you choose to.

I love my surface devices. still amazed with it. I got my surface pro like last july or august. then I got the surface rt on a helluva deal on ebay. its the 64gb model. my pro is the 128gb model.

I was about to say hold up, you can get a surface pro , original one like I have for that price you stated. it trumps all other devices. the drawback is you wont get that battery life you want. also doesn't come with office suite for free like the RT version.

good luck on decision. let us know which way you go.