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Firefox and Outlook scrolling with fingers


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i have the surface 4 - all updates installed.

But i think - this has nothing to do with sf4 - i think thats a problem with windows (8 and 10).

I have problems with firefox and with outlook 2016 (desktop version).

With outlook 2016 (desktop version) i have the same problem which is here described with outlook 2013:


When i click with the keyboard or with the pen this is not happening. Only when i click on the hyperlink with my fingers.

In Firefox 44 i have a lot of open tabs (e.g. 50 tabs).

Picture 1:
Dropbox - 11.png

When i surf e.g. on the second left tab (see picture 1) and scroll down on this page with my finger the tab-bar of firefox scrolls automatically to the the rightest tab (it scrolls to the left) (see picture 2):

Dropbox - 222.png

Ihope you understand what i mean??

Also when i click with the keyboard or with the pen this is not happening. With Edge this is also not happening. But i want to use Firefox.

Does someone have also these problems? Can perhabs please some reproduce this with Firefox and/or outlook?

I searched the internet - but noone have these problems...??

I hope soneone can help or has an idea...:)

Thank you very much
Best regards