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Firmware upd 15/01 and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter



I know already I'm not the only one having problem with the new firmware update (HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4029)) and the Wireless Display Adapter from Microsoft.
I want to share my experience and compare it with others' (and possibly find a solution/workaround).

In my case I try to connect to a fullHD (1920x1080) monitor which has been working fine before.
  • the secondary screen stays grey when connected (in both extended and duplicate mode) and I can only see the mouse cursor on it
  • the resolution of the secondary monitor is set to HDReady (1366x768)
  • after few seconds the adapter disconnects
It might be worth noting I use a DVI-->HDMI adapter since the monitor lacks a HDMI port. This was never a problem before and is not a problem now if I connect with my phone.

Small update: after restarting the machine, I don't have a grey screen anymore and the connection is stable.
Unfortunately I can't sort out the resolution problem.
I have found with the more recent Intel Video Drivers, if I have a Bluetooth Device running on the SP3 then I'm limited to 720p on the Microsoft Wireless Adapter. It is weird and I thought it was a bug on Windows 10....