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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter + SP3 = no 5.1 surround?



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I do not have the MS WDA but Miracast is built into my Panasaonic tv and I can get up to 7.1 discrete channels, (although my system is set up for 5.1ch). Is your tv connected to your receiver via HDMI? The tv audio output on its own will usually downmix to 2.0ch or 2.1ch
My is connected to a 5.1 receiver, this one to be exact: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/home-theater-systems/lg-BH7530TB I test out all 6 speakers already with a DVD so I know the receiver and speakers are intact.

Here's some screenshot from device manager:


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So your WDA is connected to your receiver. When you stream a multi-channel video to it, the receiver only recognizes it as stereo (2.0ch), is that right? What is the format/codec of the audio stream?


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The AC3 stream may not be supported but the WAV file should be recognized. When the WAV file is played, does the receiver recognize it as being multi-channel but only plays two channels? Or does it only recognize it as two channels right from the beginning. Also, have you tried attaching the WDA to your tv and passing through the audio to your receiver? (Only if they are connected by HDMI.)


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I searched for your system online and found its manual. I don’t know what the sound quality is like but from the specs and features, it looks like you have a very nice system. The built-in blu-ray player is a nice bonus!

A couple of questions for you:
  1. Your AVR natively supports Miracast, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct. Is there any particular reason why you are using a WDA?
  2. As I suggested in my previous post, have you tried attaching the WDA to the tv and have the sound passed through to your AVR? I’m assuming you’ve attached the WDA to the receiver to get multi-channel audio, but most, (if not all), tvs will be able to pass through up to 8 channels of uncompressed audio via HDMI.
As for your situation at hand, from p.29 of your system’s manual regarding audio settings:
When [Digital Output] option is set to [PCM Multi-Ch], the audio may output as PCM Stereo if the PCM Multi-Ch information is not detected from HDMI device with EDID.
You didn’t mention the make of your tv, but most only carry a stereo (2ch.) decoder. It sounds like if this is set to something other than PCM stereo, your AVR will revert to your tv’s EDID and output only stereo sound. Check to see that you have the correct audio setting.


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Nuspied, no, I only tried miracast/WIDI projection - video and audio together. Doing this, until a few days ago, the direct-WIFI interfaced second screen would disconnect after 20 to 40 minutes.
I figured that you were streaming video with audio but I misunderstood your post.

Now I get it and that certainly is odd that you'd lose the connection altogether. I'm using the MS adapter with my Denon and I never experienced anything like that, though.


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I have the same issue. Using MSWA on the front HDMI (the only one with an USB adaptor nearby). I'm trying to stream 5.1 files thru a SP3Pro, and I'm only able to get 2.0 signals that seem to be 2 out of 6 speakers.
Maybel I'll be able to get 5.1 thru a "normal" HDMI-mini displayport (direct cable or dock). I'll try when I'll get one.