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wireless display adapter (miracast)


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Hi. Ive recently bought a miracast device from Microsoft.

but, it doesnt work at all

on the tv, it says it's ready to connect. and then when i try to connect, this goes "it's connecting...'

but after that just black screen comes out. nothing. and after few seconds, my surface says 'no connection'

i dunno what is wrong. With just hdmi cable, it connects perfectly, but not this wireless adapter.

Is there anyone has the same problem? or already solved? please help me sort this out.


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1. With the WDA connected to the TV, press and hold the little black button for 15 seconds, then release. The light will start to flash. 3. 2. Immediately unplug both connections of the WDA and place them back.
3. On the Surface press Win+P

Let us know...


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It still doesnt work..
Just black screen or back to the initial screen saying 'ready to connect'
i dunno what's wrong.
i guess it's not WDA's problems, but my surface settings, drivers or firmware.
Please help me


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Try to disable your firewall, Miracasat adds a wireless adapter with public firewall rules, if you block all incoming connections on public networks, Miracast dont work.


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1. What is the range between your Surface and TV? Are you up close while trying to diagnose the issue? Make sure you're within 3-5 feet.
2. Verify your Surface is updated with the latest drivers.


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You may need to roll back your Video Driver as the one from the January Update isn't playing nice with Miracast....


i just opened the box about 5 minutes ago from a purchase at Best Buy today. i have a Samsung TV which has Miracast BUT i do everything on my TV via Xbox One which does not have it so sadly i had to purchase this to make to of the latest edition of MS products to work together.

anyway i plugged in HDMI and then USB to TV, got on my SP3 with every update available updated and hit " add device" and after 1 minute it was installed and i am typing this from looking at TV with no issues at all. i thought i would help eliminate that it may not be the latest updates.

hope you get it figured out.

Joe Torres

I got the adapter as well, and it's flipping awesome. The only issue i'm having is after not using it for a bit, it doesn't reconnect with my SP3. I end up having to remove and repair the device. Am I missing something?