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Firmware Updates Repeating?

Is anyone seeing firmware updates repeating coming up in Windows Update? I've installed them a couple times in the last few days. And I know they're old because some have a 2017 date.

Tom Gullette

New Member
Not absolutely certain but I believe it was "Surface Integration" driver. It still shows rolled back to dated 3/28/2017. After the previous updates it was showing an error in device manager.

Tom Gullette

New Member
FWIW, I just updated the "Surface Integration" driver that failed before and it is working now. Version dated 6/28/2018.
Mine only repeated when I updated the Windows to 1803. After that, it doesn't show up anymore on Windows updates. Haven't checked the versions of the drivers but so far no problems at all


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Staff member
With firmware updates, associated software settings are also updated. It could be that sometimes after a Windows 10 Update to software, an older firmware update must be re-accomplished to get all the seettings in order.

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