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First Gen Surface Pro prices slashed $100!


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A Surface Pro 64 for $699? Now that's a good deal.


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Yeah its good but that means they bent me over twice..haha first I got mines in August, 128gb, before the announcement. My return period was over right before the announcement. I did buy it at the first $100 reduced. Then now they slash prices another $100. Damn... lol I can't win..haha

Its all good though. Hopefully more people will buy it cuz its a really good deal now. If I would've waited, I could've either got a surface pro 2, or I could've gotten a 256gb pro1 for the price I paid for my 128gb. Lord knows I need it as steam games are burning through my internal and 64gb micro SD card...haha
This is probably just a clearance price, on these models. I don't think they're keeping the Pro 1 around-it's usually relegated to a corner of the Store, whereas the Surface, Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2 get marquee status.


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I dont see them keeping SP1 around. They will remove it from shelves/stock as soon as(read: if) they have sold through what they have.

I want this to occur. You know why? Because if anything happens to my pro1 under warranty and needs to be replaced, I will get a pro2. Since no more pro1 would be in stock. Ive had this happen before with phones and tablets. They give you the upgrade model. They won't have no choice really.

Of course deductible will likely still need to be paid. I rather pay deductible and get new device vs. Buying one full price. If it ever came to that point