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Microsoft Haswell-based Surface Pro 2 Leaks Emerge

I see also sorts of spec rumors for the SP2 but nothing on the HDD size.

If it comes in a 256 GB version, I buying it.
(and yes I know the current SP is available in 256 GB from select vendors)

Toy Man
Yes, you could be right.

Does anyone know of a piece of software we could all use to measure the longevity of our batteries? Then I could make a thread about it and take it from there...

Admin Command prompt

powercfg.exe -batteryreport then check the root of your profile for the report in HTML or XML format. I will check here for the link to your thread as I think it is an excellent idea. I would love to see some of the old school guys here with the early version of the SP1 pro posting this information. The report is fairly comprehensive and should make it pretty clear what the differences are with the devices. Last I checked MS packed a HIGH QUALITY albeit small battery into the Pro.

Posted from ifixit's tear down: Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown - Page 3 - iFixit

Microsoft spared no expense when it came to keeping the Surface Pro going. They sourced the Cadillac of batteries from LG: an Escalade 42 Wh unit. The battery is rated for 7.4 V and 5676 mAh.

  • Impressive specs? Note that the iPad 4 has a 43 Wh battery, albeit at 3.7 V.

And even with all this battery juice, the reported battery life of the Surface Pro is less than 5 hour

But they do go on to question the build choices MS made with the device here :

Step 20

  • Lesson learned about adhesive in this teardown—we go straight to the iOpener in order to get the battery out of its sticky cage.

  • As always, we are ignoring some kind of warning. This time, it tells us not to remove the battery from the back cover. Apparently, to safely replace your battery you will need a whole back cover assembly.

  • We don't understand the point of heavily-glued batteries. This kind of planned obsolesce is completely unnecessary.

  • We assume the sweet camo pattern on the rear case interior is an insulating coating applied to the otherwise conductive panel.
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