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First Hands On Article for Surface Pro


Aw: First Hands On artical for Surface Pro that I have seen

nice to see that we are getting closer to the release day. Cant wait...

I miss the user experience in that article. She largely re-hashed the already known specs.

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Interesting. Some good new info in that article too.
The slot for cooling sounds good and the pen attachment to the side is interesting, although I think in practise most will store the pen in a pocket or something.

They just need to hurry up and get the pre-order page up so I can give them money.


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Yes, I much prefer the Verge review. It brings more of a hands on to it than just recapping the specs. Of course each reviewer is obviously given a very limited amount of time but Tom Warren seemed to take care to use his time and address the common questions.


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Having now read a number of "Hands on" articles, one of my main concerns now is what happens if you have a problem with either of the two internal fans?


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re: First Hands On Article for Surface Pro

Under warranty it will be replaced
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