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First impressions & problems with the SP3


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Btw, when I was setting up the SP3, the pen did not seem to pair even after 3 tries. Any idea how to get to pair? Edit: Never mind. It's easy enough going through PC Settings etc.

I had to reboot the device to get the pen to work. Even going into settings the first time did not work.


Since this is my first foray into Windows 8.1 and a Surface Tablet/PC, I can't compare it to other devices. I haven't had any issues with the function of the device, only issues that the battery isn't lasting as long as I'd like. With the screen on continually, I'm getting maybe 4 hours out of it. Which would be fine, if it charged from a USB charger. Than I could charge when I'm not home. Since it requires this power brick, I really don't want to carry that with me. Other than that, it's a matter of me getting used to Windows 8.1. I like the screen size, although it's a big step down from my 15" MacBook, it's still usable for all things I've tried doing. I haven't had to break out my reading glasses yet, so that's a plus. The pen connected just lie it was supposed to, and has stayed connected. I did not remove the battery tag, so maybe some who did damaged the pen?


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4) Streaming videos off sites that use flash on desktop mode takes huge performance hit (youtube, twitch, etc). Trying to playback fullHD content off flash ramps up the fan to the point where the fan noise interferes with the audio. Seems to be fine in Metro.

I haven't read through the entire thread as I came to it quite late... but just to say, this was one of the very few things that would make my fans go crazy on my original Surface Pro, so it's nothing new!