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Nathan Cotham

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Love the keyboard. The keyboard may be the best part. The screen brightness is great. The track pad in my opinion, is better than just okay, it is very responsive and can perform much alike any track pad out there. I think that Microsoft has packed a real punch with this device. With that said, I have the i5, 256 ssd, 8gb ram version. The experience with the SP3 so far has truly been so far just immaculate. I can't even describe how happy i am with this purchase. I'm sure that the battery life on this will be just what i need it to be as well. The note taking with the pen is great, and very sharp (precise), along with the included one note software (free with purchase and pre-installed) which allows for great organization of notes, along with a great tool for note taking in general. This is my first test with typing a lot of content all at once and so far so good. I can't begin to describe how well of a job that Microsoft has done with this product. It truly is one for the books and is truly
an inspiration and makes me want to work for a company like Microsoft. Great product. 5 stars. Two thumbs up. Portability, and much more with this product jam packed with features. Back lit keyboard is a plus. Overall, awesome, awesome laptop and tablet into one. The charger is even sweet. Rest in peace to da competition.

Now onto a few of the the things that I haven't figured out yet. I thought the track pad was supposed to have windows 8.1 features built in, so that when i swipe from the right to left, the windows 8 OS responds by bringing the bar from the right out. Also, I'm not sure if it is possible or not to disable the touch select option on the track pad like you can on mac books.

As for design flaws that I see, I was hoping for the opposite end of the detachable keyboard to be magnetic, that way it could stick to the screen better and not fly off. Also, I will mention how it would be nice if there was a more convenient spot for the pen, but I can do with the magnetic ability for now.


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Nathan, very happy that you're happy. Here are some options for pen storage, as you have probably noticed it flops around when attached to the keyboard with the pen loop.

1) use two pen loops. this is the simplest change you can make. two loops side by side really hold the pen in place.

2) attached pen loop(s) to the tablet instead of the keyboard. I don't like this personally because the pen is always there even when you don't need it (docked, or using in tablet mode) but many swear by it.

3) clip it to the keyboard, in that well where the keyboard folks to magnetically attach to the screen.

4) if you have a case for your Surface, just attach it to that. having tried options 1-3, I eventually opted for this. hasn't let me down yet.

Nathan Cotham

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I just attached the sticker pen holder to my carrying case, only hope is that it sticks!

As for a few other issues, does anyone know how to implement the windows 8 features into the trackpad so that when i swipe from right to left, it shows the spot where you can search and so forth?


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It should be on by default, but go to PC settings>PC and Device>Mouse and Touchpad, and you will see a setting to turn on/of swiping function.

If it's the just search function you want, you can just type from the Start screen and search will automatically be called up. You can also use the top row hardware button.


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It's worth noting that the options nipponham mentions above are only available when the type cover (or another trackpad) is attached.


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To swipe on the trackpad to open the Charms and App tray, you have to swipe onto the trackpad. Start with your finger on the fabric, and swipe onto the trackpad, then release.

Touch select?

As for the pen, I find the pen loop to be a pretty poor solution and don't like the way it looks. I keep the pen in my case when not in use, and in my pocket/on the table next to me when I'm not using it.