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Pen Useful?


Count me in, in the group with horrible handwriting and no artistic skills!
i've had the Note10.1 Android tablet with Pen before, and i rarely used it. It's way more usefull on the Surface3.

I often use it in OneNote, doubleclick Screenshot and add a short note or marker via pen it's easy and fast!
Doing Stuff in Visio ? use the Pen to drag objects. So much better than the horrible touchpad! No need for an external mouse, you can even do it in group work and talk about how you wan't it or where you want it, other people can move stuff with the finger or use your pen to move it themselves. Handing over a pen is way faster than giving a mouse.
What's also pretty awesome is if you use a WiDi receiver and hold presentations. Every decision or Input you get from your audience, just write it down! directly in Powerpoint. No need for someone else to write a decision log.

I wouldn't buy a tablet without a pen anymore. Just because in some rare situations it's way better! Every Touchscreen device should have pen support.


I no longer carry a notepad and pen either. I take notes on my Galaxy Note 3. My typing is faster than my writing. Good point about people thinking you aren't paying attention though. My doctor looked odd at me when I first pulled out my smart phone. When I sit down for a meeting, I tell people that I am taking notes on my smart phone.

So I have already replaced paper and pen without needing to use a digital pen.

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My handwriting is awful, too. I am mostly with you on the Note 3 (which I also have), but the handwriting recognition is great on the surface. I also use it just to "click around" when using it in tablet mode on the couch :)


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Want more proof that the pen is useful: