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First look at Microsoft’s brand new ‘Spartan’ project for Windows 10


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A few days ago, a report revealed that Microsoft is secretly developing a special new web browser for Windows 10 dubbed Spartan. The company is looking to offer users a different Internet surfing experience from Internet Explorer, though it’s not clear whether Microsoft will unveil the new program at its Windows event scheduled January 21st. However, since then a source exclusively sent BGR an image showing the Spartan browser in action, alongside some information about this particular new project.

The screenshot above shows a slightly older beta version of the Spartan browser loading a Facebook page. The browser appears to have a minimalistic design, featuring clear, straightforward and clutter-free UI elements.

According to the source, Microsoft assigned a special team to work on Spartan in September, with the team working non stop on the new design since then. A third redesign was completed by Christmas, with the image above belonging to the second version of Spartan, dating back to early November.

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I hope Spartan disables completely the AutoPlay of all Video or Audio on pages.
I know marketers believe they own us and are entitled to takeover our/their computers whenever they want but this must be stopped by any means available.