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Windows 10 Briefing Part 2: Project Spartan Browser Unveiled


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The above image was found on Reddit
It looks like one of Windows 10's biggest new features is an all new browser called Spartan. We reported on this previously, and it is now obvious that Microsoft has truly gone back to their roots to really make an impressive web browser. It's no secret that Internet Explorer had grown bloated and unpopular. It was basically outpaced in every regard by its competitors Firefox and Chrome. Microsoft aims to change all of that with Spartan which will be included as the primary browser in Windows 10.

Here are the details:
  • Allows to you "markup" web pages, as if you were using a marker - you can also share these "marked up" web pages with other to collaborate more effectively
  • Improved reading experience with the ability to save content offline - This is done through a reading list that freezes bookmarks in place to let you read them later even without a web connection - can sync your reading list across all your devices, so you can later read something on your PC that you found on your phone and vice versa
  • Built-In Voice assistance with Cortana - allows you to search the web via voice command - Cortana can learn and adapt to your browsing behavior - She can pop up information about pages you are viewing
  • Faster and more streamlined that IE
Overall from the presentation, it looks like Microsoft may have hit a home run with the Spartan browser for Windows 10. We can't wait to get our hands on it.