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Fix for suspend/resume crashes?


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Has anyone found a permanent fix for the suspend/resume crashes that have plagued the SP2 since day 1? We haven't seen any firmware updates in a while and I fear the surface team has moved on to the SP3 without resolving this critical issue.

Thanks, Jon


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Hmmmm... I haven't had an suspend/resume crash for some time. I think the majority of issues were fixed by the March update (of course the SD card issue was not addressed until June). Of course, not all SP2 are made equal and your SP2 may have a hardware issue. Barring a hardware issue, the most common culprit of suspend/resume is misbehaving drivers. You can try to systematically clean out any non-stock drivers to isolate the problem. I loathe recommending a refresh, but it may be the only way to confirm that you have a hardware issue.


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I have had my machine for 2 month now but its 9 month in total (bought 2nd hand) and i have yet to see this issue.
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