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Surface Pro 2 Auto Sleep not working


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So after the December Firmware updates, my Surface was one of many which suffered from the 1 hour wakeup.

Now I was patient with Microsoft and the issue is now fixed since the January 18 update. Another issue though, which used to work properly has arised.

The computer just won't go to sleep. I've tried various things by playing around with powercfg and also the advanced settings in Power Options. Nothing seems to budge. I've tried resetting everything to default and disable USB suspend and restarting and all that but nothing seems to budge.

I know some of you have had this problem even before December and I was wondering if it's just me or if anyway can give their SP2 a quick test run to see if auto-sleep is working for you? There's only one thread on the official Microsoft forums and it doesn't seem like it's picking up like the auto-wake issue which affected almost literally...everybody.

I really would not want to reset the system because it'll take some work to even reinstall all the apps and what not so if anyone could help me out, it'd be great appreciated!


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I had the exact same issue (auto wake-up fixed by the January firmware but auto-sleep still not working).

For me (and a lot of Windows 8 users), the issue was HomeGroup. So try this: turn off wifi and see if the surface goes to sleep (just put the timer at like 1 minute). If yes, then turn on wifi but turn off the HomeGroup. For me, it worked.

I'm guessing there would be a way to keep HomeGroup but still has the auto-sleep feature working, but since I use third party programs for my streaming needs (ps3 media server for instance), turning off HomeGroup was easier for me. If you look online, you'll see lot of Windows 8 users with this issue.

Hope it helped!
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This can happen when you are hosting a shared network resource or when attached to a network resource, but the latter is less likely. Turning off WiFi would eliminate what I just mentioned.


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Sorry for the really late reply guys but yes, disabling homegroup indeed fixed all the problems. I wasn't aware that it was a Windows 8 problem so never bothered to google with regards to Windows but only with keywords like "Surface" and "Sleep" not working. I couldn't believe it when I made it sleep since it just seemed so out of place but hey, now my SP2 is back! I've been using it more than ever before the botched Dec. 15 update and it's been serving me very, very well =D Again, thanks guys and I hope more people can take a look at this if they're experiencing the same problem. Cheers =)