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Fixit Teardown of Pro3.


Just look at Fixit tear down of Pro 3. (They already had one but now RIP)
It was given 1 out of 10 same as Pro 1 & 2. I would give it 0 as they cracked the screen and bent the battery so in a nut shell destroyed it.
Does make the RT a good bet at least you can replace battery via the rear its got screws also you get Office free.


I'm seriously thinking of getting a SP3. (Update: just ordered one 6/26/14)
I have right now an Apple MBpro/retina, i7, 8gig, 256gig HD. I spent $2400 on it (Ouch! What was I thinking?). The battery is suppose to last 3 yrs, non-replaceable.
The SP3's battery is suppose to last 4.5 years. I read somewhere where an MS repair tech can replace the batteries in a SP3 for around $200. However, before the batteries go, I'm sure I'll want something else.

What I'm trying to say is the Fixit teardown and report, to me, doesn't mean squat. Like most electronics today, computers are "throwaway" appliances- it's just not worth it to repair them. They either work out of the box or they don't. If they do, they'll last until you're ready for another one. If not, you exchange it.
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Yes I am of the same opinion when the battery gone its time to replace. But its a sad reflection on our very thro away society. That Microsoft and Apple could make their products come apart with screws.
When you think an old 10 year old computer on the internet will still do the Shopping, Banking, Facebooking and booking that holiday etc.
Also we are all taken in by this its 1 year old and that new model just round the corner need to have it.


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Microsoft offers a 200$ battery replacement program. And the battery is rated to last 80% of its capacity for 4 years, charged 5 times a week.
Let's assume worst case scenario reality: probably 3 years. or 2 years 80% capacity. Pretty good. Usually you change laptop batteries more often, as the manufacture, despite charging you 200$ as well, especially if you get the large capacity batteries, don't even keep 80% of their capacity after 1 year, despite care, as they use shitty batteries.

But yes, I agree. The Surface RT had screws hidden under the kick-stand and you could open it.


This breakdown from the Project Manager of SP3 is a great addition to the iFixit breakdown.


Can anyone tell me what that band on his wrist is?, you can see it best at 1:25.
I've been told it's a grounding wrist band but it's not tethered to any grounded surface so that makes no sense. Maybe an event bracelet?, but do they really do that for a premium closed-door event like this, i mean it's not a circus. Plus he has a badge id around his neck.
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Its not a grounding strap at all. They don't look like that.
It's probably a bracelet for the event, like his badge, like what you get in some team parks or open concert or something.

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