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FL Studio Groove


If you're into creating your own beats you should check out FL Studio Groove. It's not really my thing but I ended up buying the app which is $4.99, word is it may go up in price, and it's totally worth it and made really well plus it works fairly well on RT too although it will rock on Pro. Highly suggest to go to the app site and check out the video, one is showing the app and another is a tutorial to get you started. The app does come within a few sample loops and mini songs.

FL Studio Groove

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Already got it on. I wished we had this a few years ago. Maybe it'll spawn a lot of others to follow suit or become a pretty decent DAW in itself someday. I'll mess with it sometime.


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I purchase this also the other day. Already got into the groove of putting together tracks. Can't wait until the update comes to allow external plugins and such. I'd say it does need more simpler instructions though. Very nice app indeed. For its price point, this is a must for any music making enthusiast.