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Evernote is GREAT


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The Evernote app looks great on my Surface 3. It does everything that OneNote does and more. I use it in conjunction with my iPhone, laptop and desktop. Syncing between devices is instant and works flawlessly. This app is my new go to app for pretty much everything relating to keeping my life in order. Create as many Notebooks as your heart desires and add all of the related information you want. It supports hand writing with the Surface Pen as well. I rate it 5 stars. It's definitely worth trying out. I love it. I'd wager that you too will love it if you give it a try. It's FREE and it ROCKS.


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I have a very hard time believing that evernote has more features than onenote.. Onenote has more features than i possibly know what to do with.

Edit. Just installed, and as i thought. Not a patch on onenote feature wise. It is certaily a nicer interface for simple todo lists and reminder notes, but in terms of a fully fuinctional work notebook, absolutely no. Lacking the majority of features i'd need.


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Indeed, it's a silly comparison. Maybe he recently switched from Apple or Android, and he is not used to MS products.


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You are correct. I guess I'd better check out the desktop version of OneNote before I make any additional "silly" comparisons. And BTW, I have been a Windows OS user since 1990 and I HAVE NOT recently switched from Apple or Android.
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I recently moved over to Evernote from OneNote... not that OneNote is a bad program, just fancied a look, and I've stuck with it!

Main pro: The camera abilities are awesome
Main con: It's free... until you have to pay to password things :(

Wayne Orwig

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Evernote must have changed. In the past when I tried it, every little thing that you wanted to do was a pay add on feature. OneNote just does what I want without needing addons.
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