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Flashing dual monitors

David Vidler

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I have a surface pro 6 connected to two external monitors via a docking station. Both monitors are connected to the docking station via mini display to HDMII connectors. When I lock the surface at the end of the night, or if it times out during the day, my external monitors flash on and off sequentially. Any idea why or how to stop them doing this?


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Is this with the Microsoft Surface Dock, or a third-party dock?

I use the Surface Dock to two external monitors, but use a mini-DP to DP cable to one monitor and then daisy-chain the second monitor from the first. When I first boot the SP6, the first monitor will blink off and on once during the initialization process, but that's it. (The second monitor -- the one that's daisy-chained from the first -- never blinks, neither does the SP6 LCD.)


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May be an intermittent issue. First, if it is a Microsoft Surface Dock, make sure the Dock's firmware is up to date. Second, try pulling the power cord from the dock for 15 seconds, then plugging the power cord back into the docking station and see if this resolves the issue. Sometimes docking stations need a bit of a "reset" in power.