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Windows Hello Face does not work with Brio Webcam

Thomas Nägeli

New Member
On my setup, Hello Face does not work to unlock the screen.

I have the following setup: Surface Pro 6 with Surface Hub, connected to a screen and Brio Webcam (via an USB port of the hub, although I tried connecting it to the surface directly as well). The surface pro's lid is closed at all times, I only use the external monitor when I'm at home. Windows 10 Home 1903 with all updates, installed fresh. Logitech Brio is updated to the current firmware 2.2.50. In the device manager I disabled both "Intel AVStream Camera 2500" and "Microsoft IR Camera front" in order to be able to tell windows to use the external Brio webcam.

I am able to setup Windows Hello Face in the Sign-In Options with no issues, but when I resume using the surface after it was locked / in stand-by or turned-off, the Brio cam flashes shortly red and then the lock-screen in shown, where I have to enter the PIN. Windows is not unlocked automatically as it should. If I click on the Hello Face icon on the lock-screen, noting happens. The only way to unlock is via PIN.
I tried to remove the Hello Face biometrics and to set it up again, but that did not work either.

Has anyone faced the same issue and was able to solve it?