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Flight Simulator X and Surface Pro 4 Windows 10


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I searched forums and Internet for a long time to see if Flight Simulator X would work on the Surface Pro 4. Flight Simulator X is 10 years old and I did not want to install software that would not be compatible with my machine. I have the Surface Pro 4 i7 with 16 gigs of ram. Since I was unable to find the information I was seeking, I decided to install the program and report on the results. Well, Flight Simulator X works flawless on my machine. It is running details and resolution at their highest settings without any issues. I hope this helps others trying to find this same information about FSX working on their sweet machine.


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Well thanks for the info. My machine is of similar configuration (8gb) and I was lurking about to install and play with it as well. Now I will definitely do that.

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