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  1. P

    Paint Tool SAI 2 suddenly not working on Surface Pro 4!

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 4, and one of the main reasons I have one is because I create a lot of digital art. I got it almost 2 years ago and it works fine, no problems. I got Paint Tool SAI 2 for it pretty much as soon as I got it, which has also worked fine with no problems, it's been great...
  2. L

    spro4 dead strip across screen

    i've seen a lot of similar queries about this issue but no actual fix, and i thought i'd seek my own answers about it. i've had my surface pro 4 for a little less than 2 years now and suddenly a dead strip has appeared horizontally across the screen. the mouse works fine in it but it doesn't...
  3. A

    Surface Pro 4 UEFI Flash Tool?

    Does anyone have access to a tool that an MS tech would use to update the model type on the UEFI? I purchased a refurbished Surface Pro 4 from a certified re-seller. It works great for the most part. I had a few issues with the touchscreen shortly after buying it and when I tried to download...
  4. L

    Lose network connections when locked.

    Seems like no matter what power option I tweak, I always lose my network connections when I lock my tablet. I have an SP4 with a docking station. I use the ethernet port in the docking station as well as 2 USB ethernet dongles connected to a usb hub that is connected to the docking station. I...
  5. A

    Type Cover Not Responding

    When Sp4 has been left idle, the Type Cover will stop working. However, you can still use the touch screen. To fix this, you must remove Type Cover and re-attach and it'll work. This has been tested on three different Surface Type Covers so must be a device issue. I've updated HID Keyboard...
  6. E

    Solved Miracast over hotspot?

    Hey all, Has anyone had any success connecting to a Miracast device (or better yet, projecting to another Windows 10 device) when using the hotspot feature in Windows 10? I'm trying to come up with a reliable method for doing so - I use a combination of a SB2 + SP4 (as a second screen), but...
  7. U

    After Firmware update Surface Pro 4 thinks it's a Surface

    I need help - my Surface Pro has forgotten it's [identity]. How can I fix the BIOS/EUID back to its original configuration? I became frustrated at all of the little quirks in my new Microsoft Pro 4; the constant EMI/RFI interference between the two 3.0 USB ports and the constant need to change...
  8. O

    Surface Pro 4 won't turn on

    Hi everyone Two days ago I was editing a PDF on Edge when the screen froze, so I turned the tablet off with a long press on the power button. Since then the computer won't turn on. I've tried with the various methods listed on the Microsoft website (30sec press on power button, 15sec...
  9. A

    Right Click on Type Cover Touchpad not Working

    Hi all, this is going to sound really odd but any help would be much appreciated. A user at my place of work uses a trackball mouse with her SP4, as well as the touchpad on her type cover at times. We used 'X Mouse Button Control' to configure the trackball mouse and at first, this worked...
  10. A

    Type Cover Won't Light Up?

    My SP Type Cover won't light up. I've pressed F2 over and over, trying it with the Function key switched both on and off. I've looked through the settings but I'm failing to find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. L

    Solved Help Surface Pro 4

    Help! I need some recovery image for my surface pro 4. I'm from Brazil, and I'm not able to reinstall my Surface Microsoft Data Does Not Restore. Can someone upload this image and send me a download link? help me
  12. S

    SP4 will not connect to a specific wifi network

    I have had this issue for a number of years now. Every time I try to connect to the wifi network at my in-law's home, my Surface Pro 4 will say it Can't connect to this network. Eventually, after 10-60 minutes, It will randomly connect and be fine for a while, but often disconnects after an hour...
  13. P

    Pro 4 Pen in photoshop double tap to use

    about a week ago the pen in photoshop CC started to pan rather than act as a brush, I have to double tap to enable to select, or brush Works fine in Lightroom, etc... Anyone experiencing this with a fix?
  14. H

    Part came off of Surface 4 Pen? Does it matter?

    Using this image as an example. Not the right click button, but the other rectangular part that's on the dark gray side. This popped up and seems to have been held on with a cheap adhesive and a magnet. Does this matter? Does it make any difference if it's attached? Should I... Should I just...
  15. A

    Bluprints & engineering

    What are the best apps to draw blueprints using the stylus, Anything like AutoCAD but maybe less pricyer?
  16. F

    Surface pro 4 and arc touch surface edition not working

    Hey all, so I have been doing a lot of research and not finding what I need to find so hopefully I didn't miss it and this is a repeat. if it is I am sorry. Anyway, I bought my pro 4 a year ago and I bought the arc touch surface edition with it. now recently I rebooted the pro and the arc lost...
  17. damiWORLD

    Surface Pro 4 Pen

    Hello, Before I start I just want to apologise if there's already a similar thread up. My query is about the surface pro pen. When I made my Surface Pro 4 purchase it was a clearance display model and didn't come with a pen (the price was discounted further). Looking online I've found a number...
  18. C

    Its been few years, any way to keep backlight always on?

    The SP4 and generally the Type Cover is out for a few years now. I have seen many threads about this with no answers... Am I missing something? How comes not enough people care that MSFT is not fixing it? Perhaps there is some custom firmware to make the type cover keep the backlight always on...
  19. M

    Top new PC and Console Game Prey Plays Great on Surface Pro 4

    As we know from many of our own forum members, gaming on Surface is much more popular than some people might realise. A new article by Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson, entitled “Prey Runs Remarkably Well on My Wimpy Microsoft Surface Tablet,” illustrates this perfectly. Grayson decided to try playing...

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