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It is good news and I installed it last on my old Surface RT. However, there is one challenge that am facing and I hope:
the font size is too small for me to read the text. I wonder if there is any way I could increase the text size without impacted other apps?

This is an amazing app

Only thing I can't seem to be able to do is move tiles around??

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Nice addition! And well designed app. One important thing that is missing is the option to override pc settings and keep the screen on while reading. I found myself turning the S2 on a few times while reading some articles.
OK I have the SP1 now with Win 8.1 loaded and one of the first things I did was download flipboard. Really disappointed that the text can not be zoomed or the font size made larger.

Yeah I used it for a bit but prefer the standard news app that's built into Windows... although I do use Flipboard on my iPhone.
So I emailed Flipboard support to ask about font resizing their reply;

Hello Brandy,
Thanks for your email. To change the font size, swipe to select the Search charm. Type “Display Settings” and adjust the size. While Windows 8 doesn’t support the ability to make the font larger—default and smaller are the options—Flipboard may add font adjustment to the application Settings in the future. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
~ Bettie Utas
Community Support Lead
What specifically do you guys like about Flipboard and can you compare and contrast it to Bento?
What specifically do you guys like about Flipboard and can you compare and contrast it to Bento?

Back when I had an Android tablet, I used and liked Flipboard. I also use it on my Android phone. All was well.
Then Ii upgraded to the Surface Pro. I really missed Flipboard, and a looked for replacement and started using News Bento. Then they finally released Flipboard for Win 8. Awesome, or so I thought. I have them both and once a day, if I use them. I generally find News Bento is easier to use and I seldom use Flipboard.
I feel that Flipboard gives me less control and I tend to waste time flipping through stuff that I have no interest in. It also doesn't respond well to the touch screen. News Bento is easier for me to skip the crap news, and manages touch input well.