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Forget the Surface mini, Surface Pro 3 specs and prices detailed in new reports


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Microsoft is widely expected to unveil its first-generation Surface mini tablet during a press conference on Tuesday. The device is thought to feature a display that measures approximately 8 inches diagonally, and it is also said to include a Qualcomm processor instead of an Nvidia chipset like the ones that powered Microsoft’s earlier Windows RT tablets. According to a new report, however, a refresh of one of Microsoft’s current tablets could steal the show.

A pair of reports that popped up this past weekend reaffirm earlier rumors suggesting a new Surface Pro 3 tablet could also be introduced during Tuesday’s press conference.

First, Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows reported that the new Surface Pro tablet model will feature a larger display than current models, which include a 10-inch screen. He also claims the new third-generation Surface Pro will be thinner than the first and second versions.

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There aren't really any 'new-reports' having been issued. There are however rumors circulating the blogosphere, which are being referenced here. Could turn out to be true, partially true, or not true at all -- we'll know soon enough ;-)