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Free Peggle Deluxe


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You can activate it up to 5 times. Installed it on my Surface Pro onto the SD Card. It runs fine but there are some touch screen issues. #1 is Aiming. When you tap the screen the ball is released immediately. I noticed that if you keep your finger on the screen while the ball is bouncing around, you can aim the turret in anticipation of your next move. When you are ready, release your finger then tap the screen again to fire. I know that's kind of corny but it gets you by. Not sure if you can zoom in either (like on the iPad/Android versions). #2 issue is when you put your name in initially. There is no keyboard and no way to fire up the onscreen keyboard! Hope you have a hardware keyboard! (type/touch cover, etc)

PopCap Games at Pax East


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Got a copy, thanks!

I got plants vs zombies for free from a Halloween promo, if I keep waiting I'll have them all soon :big smile: