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Surface Pro 4 + Dock - Wireless Issue


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Ok, so the issues I had with my external displays not firing back up after a long inactive state has been fixed with the latest firmware/driver update that MS pushed out. I am on to a new problem though but one that has been there even when I had the display issue.

I have 7 SP4's with the new SP4 dock all connected to external LCD monitors and all have standard Logitech MK Series wireless desktop combo (Keyboard/Mouse) attached to them. Several of these SP4's are showing what looks to be wireless interference as the mouse pointer will randomly change locations on the display and will minimize or move programs or close programs randomly. If this was just one device I would assume virus or spyware but right now it is 4 of the 7 that have been reported. Now, if I undock the tablet and work off the tablet/type cover and even with a simple wireless mouse with the USB dongle connected directly to the tablet, basically no dock and the stuff connected to the dock, everything is just fine. Also part of this is if you pay attention, you will see circles hitting the screen. The same you see when you are using the touchscreen and you touch it with your finger.

Is anyone else having similar problems or issues and if so, were you able to correct them?




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Howdy Jayson. The fact that you are also seeing the "touch" circles on the screen suggests to me that there is something else going on other than simply interference with the wireless peripherals. But don't take my word for it, i'm just an affable nitwit :)

For reference I have the dock and a wireless logitech mouse and dinovo edge/MS htpc keyboard, and have never had the slightest issue.