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Freeing up Harddrive Space


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Ok, so I've had the 32 gb MS Surface for one day and I've installed about a dozen updates, and only installed about 100 mb of additional apps.

But, now I'm showing that I only have 7 gigs of free space left....

Anyone else notice this issue? And is there a way to resolve it? i.e. removing old update packages?


I have around the same too for my 32gb surface. Make sure there is no windows.old in your C drive if you restored it before. If not, did you look into the tutorial in freeing 4gb of space by moving the recovery partition?


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^ Thanks for the Windows.old info... was completely surprised to see that Windows RT handles backups the same way Windows always has....

And it took me awhile to figure out how to delete it - you can't do it via a file folder (told me I don't have permission); I had to type cleanmgr in search to run Disk Cleanup.

I haven't seen the tutorial to remove the recovery partition... I'll have to look around for it.