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question about 200 Gig free of skydrive and small size of surface tablets


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I am very confused. I noticed that since I uploaded many gigs of photos from my main computer to SkyDrive, my surface pro tablet has far less space on it... I am missing 50 Gigs. I read articles and found out that SkyDrive will put a local copy of what you have on SkyDrive on each local computer.

So my confusion is why did Microsoft offer 200 Gig of free SkyDrive with surface purchase if my device can't hold 200 Gig? This seems so stupid to me.

I have 128 Gig of surface and 200 Gig of SkyDrive but really, I can only use about 100 Gig of SkyDrive otherwise, it will fill up my hard drive. When I bough it, I thought it was a good deal to get all that SkyDrive space, but really I can only use less than 100 Gig.

Does this even make sense?




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It makes sense because, on first startup of your SP2, you are prompted to decide to turn on or off Skydrive auto-syncing. You don't have to store a local copy of everything, thus the 200 GB makes sense if you want to access a lot of files but picking and choosing what gets stored locally.

Edit: To turn off auto-syncing all files, open the Skydrive app, open the charm bar, settings, options, and turn off accessing all Skydrive files offline.
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