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From Gizmodo tomorrow MS will update RT Apps

I use my phone or gmail for calendars so the lack of google sync isn't an issue for me. Still, this is definitely not a good trend.
Great. A few people will be upset about the Google sync issue, but I have already stopped using Google calendar anyway so it won't bother me any.
Updates are now available and Mail and Calendar offer a much better experience especially if your are connected to an Exchange or Office365 Business backend....very cool
I'm still on the fence with the mail app. It almost makes me want to give up the gmail touch app for lagging so much.
Am I reading correctly that this update may not include pop3 support in the mail program. If so I will be disappointed as I can't send email still on my RT because of this limitation.
I'm going to try and run Windows Mail (remember this product?) during this lenten season. I hope I don't get lazy.