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Outlook for Windows RT?

Yeah...read that too at other places. Finally! But I wonder what will happen to the Modern UI Mail etc. app? I don't really like it, but I use it because it is the only option. OTOH, I can't wait for Touchmail to go live. I could live without Outlook then!
If its desktop Outlook for RT like the other Office programs have been adapted for RT, I don't think I'll be interested. I'm not really an Outlook power user. I just read mail and track meetings and appointments. The built-in mail, people, and calendar apps do almost everything I could need in a mail app and are very much on par with options on Google and Apple's tablet platforms. If they make a touch friendly modern version of Outlook, I would be very impressed. It could be just the kind of thing the platform needs to showcase what can be done with the new modern GUI.
Agreed! But they won't...at least not in the short-term - though that precisely should be their strategy, I think...make the whole Office Suite Modern UI-centric! That would be excellent...at least for the RT series.

Edit: Actually, in some ways, I wish MS had not included Office 2013RT in the Surface RT deal. Instead, they should have bundled it with a 4-year subscription of Office 365. For the Surface Pro they should have installed Office as a promotional deal or something.
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I have to say I find Outlook.com primitive when compared with Windows LiveMail which I have installed on my main PC and resented having to add an Outlook.com account just to allow me to synchronise with my Surface. LiveMail has many more bells and whistles on offer, not all needed by me but they are available if I want them. I'm just surprised Microsoft didn't make the tablet marry with their existing good programmes!

Probably the 10 other threads about this. :LOL: also thanks for the touch mail tip..that looks pretty nice. When is it supposed to go live.?

Actually, I have no idea! I have just installed their tech preview on my desktop and keep admiring the concept on a day to day basis. But I hope they do get the app out - conceptually, I think it is excellent and I would not mind even paying for it! From what I understand, if you install it on your machine, at some point when they are done with it, it will update itself and go live!
I'll be really glad to have it. The current email client doesn't want to play with my hosted Exchange account at godaddy.com.
I'm a Outlook heavy user. My Outlook.pst has 2GB (without attachments). I confess I was very frustrated in the beginning with my Surface RT (I'm using it for 7 months 7-8 hours/day), but I confess therefore I'm excited about Outlook on Windows RT, I can live without it after that huge Mail apps update some time ago. Now I sync all my Surface RT emails, appointments and contacts with my notebook Outlook with no problem at all. I don't use tasks because I use a good project management apps on my Surface RT and Notebook. Check my Blog about a REAL and detailed review on Surface RT / Windows RT http://SurfaceRtReview.BlogSpot.com