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Frustrated with tech support in India ?


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Anybody else having problems with Surface PRO 4 tab screen lock up and losing external mouse since the update of the update of the update of Windows 10 Pro ? I have to do a hard reboot and then go into wifi settings and reinstall mouse. Now happens at least once a day ! Also had the latest update stop working on access of e-mail and had to remove and reinstall my IP settings to access e-mail ?
The more they do these so called updates on the second Tuesday of the month the worse it gets as they trade one problem for another unexpected problem where there wasn't one before.
My latest issue was trying to believe that using Microsoft for anti virus and malware as I now have a popup audio malware that decides to turn itself on and off at will, Microsoft Techs were worthless as all they do is offer to sell their own version of Kapersky antimalware which they stated might or might not resolve it. Thanks for nothing Microsoft as I reinstalled Malwarebytes and McAfee Antivirus and Malwarebytes Tech's are trying to resolve issue but I'm afraid next step will be using Windows 10 USB Key and completely erasing and reformat of drive.
Again this came about because of their update on top of updates which only cause more problems. Considering I'm still not happy with getting a refurbished unit for the Pro 4 that failed first day out of the box would I buy a Surface Book or Pro 5 and the answer is a resounding NO WAY ! Nothing like having to deal with a moronic tech center in India that could care less about resolving any issues ! And I've owned a RT , Surface Pro that melted down and failed just after 1 year so no coverage, Staples gave me a new Pro 3 that I sold to buy the Pro 4 that failed out of the box and now I have a refurbished one to boot !


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Are you sure you are talking to Microsoft Support? I never seen them using 3rd Party AV....


MS Tech Support does not support 3rd party software. They wouldn't try selling you Kaspersky etc... are you sure you were talking to MS and not a 3rd party support shop?