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Surface Book 3 not fit for purpose


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It arrived on 9th June 2020 and the problems started immediately:-

1 My order included a free pen and a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse
2. When it arived there was no free pen and, more importantly, no instructions for use or a user Manual.
3. Microsoft told me a free pen was not offered and User Manual was not necessary because it was intuitive!
4. The first issue was that the mouse would not work and without documentation I was lost.
5. The next issue was that the device would not connect to my network & I could not exchange files etc
6. I contacted MS support and for several days they tried and failed to solve the problem.
7. Eventually one specialist said that the problem was that I had not upgraded to Windows 2004.
8. I explained that "Windows update" had told me that the device was not yet compatible.
9. The specialist said that this was untrue, He remotely accessed my device and manually updated it to Windows 2004.
10. Upon a reboot the device crashed and would not start.
11. The Specialist apologised and said he could not fix the problem but would get someone to contact me.
12. Over the course of the next week specialists from the US and India tried but failed to resolve the problems.
13. Eventually, the Indian specialist got the OS back to the pre Windows 2004 state but still no mouse and no network functionality.
14. Updates to the OS arrived (not Win 2004) but these reduced functionality. Freezes and crashes occured frequently.
15. The device was now “not fit for purpose” so it was returned to MS for a full refund on 28th July 2020

Stan Kay
28th July 2020
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5. With the exception of Surface Book 3, all the other devices were able to transfer data between each other. Data exchange involving Surface Book 3 was impossible. MS experts remotely controlled my devices and, after several hours of trying, they were unable to establish the cause of the problem.
9. One MS specialist concluded that the Surface Book 3 did not have updated software that was required for network communication. All my other devices had the latest software. Despite my protestations, he remotely connected to my Surface Book 3 and forced it to upgrade to Windows 10 version 2004 (this he told me would add an update to Direct X too). After he did this, he rebooted the device and it promptly crashed and refused to reboot.

There is not much else that I can tell you because I was merely an observer to what the experts were doing and why they were doing it.
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