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Funny Online Comic Shows New Microsoft 'Surface' Tablet to Have Tough Fight vs iPad


Editor in Chief

The "big" news of yesterday was the announcement by Microsoft of their new iPad competitor tablet called "The Surface." We found this amusing comic that suggests the new Surface will have a really tough fight vs. the iPad. As you can see in the comic, the iPad has destroyed any and all previous rivals (mostly Androids) that have risen up to challenge its dominance, which is somewhat true. The comic suggests that the new MS Surface Tablet will have a similar fate. We don't necessarily agree with that sentiment, but who knows the future. Perhaps the new MS Tablet will finally compete effectively with the iPad. Also, whose to say the comic doesn't have it backwards in its fictionalized universe. Maybe this new MS tablet is "NEO" and the iPad is "Mr. Smith." That analogy seems to make more sense actually...

Regardless of the outcome in real life, the above comic was funny and worth a laugh or two. Does it portend the battles to come?

Source: PhoneArena