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Garmin Glo, bluetooth gps receiver to SP3


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G'day, first of all, as a new member to this site, I wish to say hello to fellow patrons, and thankyou for taking the time to have a look at this thread!

The purpose of this thread is to seek feedback on people's experience with acquiring a GPS fix on your surface pro 3, with the use of the Garmin Glow Bluetooth GPS receiver.

I would really like to know if anybody has had success in doing so, because to date, after a week of trying, I have had no joy.

Some may point out the reliability of the plug in USB connectable cable GPS dongle, but I am aware of this, and have previously used such a unit. I am almost at wits end in attempting to achieve a GPS fix from the Garmin glow, and am almost convinced that I am wasting my time, but I would be happy to be proven wrong!

I use my SP3 for mapping for remote travel navigation (4x4) and use the programme 'memory maps' trying serial port number 3 or 4. The unit claims to be paired and connected, but position fix is not available on this programme, or Google earth for that matter.

I would love to hear from you, and thankyou in advance for reading this far through my post.

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Hello there, @daaavo

I've been using GPS with Surface machines for a few years, now. This is an essential combination for me, as I am an Earth scientist/geologist/engineer.

I would guess that your Garmin Glow is not properly sending

I have recent experience with two devices, both of which are much less expensive than your Garmin, and work wonderfully.
See posts here:




It could be that your Garmin Glow is not properly asynchronously polling NMEA sentences - a common complaint about Garmin devices. Garmin devices work well with other Garmin devices, though.


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G'day sharpcolerado,
Thanks very much for sharing your suggestions on the matter, I will take a look at your links and let you know how I go :)