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G'day! Introduction + Questions.


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Hey guys,

New Surface user here!

I am from Australia but currently travelling in the United States. I came across the Microsoft Store in Times Square and next thing I knew I was carrying a shiny new Surface back to my accomodation.

I am loving it so far, Windows RT is smooth and it does everything that I need currently.

I have a couple questions though, more concerns than questions that I think have pretty obvious answers but would like to hear from the general user public regardless.

Firstly, a concern that I think most people have noticed this close to launch is the ghost town that is the Store. I have downloaded a couple killer games and inbetween Apps at the moment but still missing a lot of what i would like. Is this just a time thing mainly? I mean the surface has not been out long so I imagine more and more apps (Especially official ones like FB?) will slowly appear, yeah?

Secondly with Windows RT I am curious to see if there will be applications I can download throught the normal desktop that will run on the Tablet? Obviously with the Pro coming out I imagine you can just download most windows programs with ease, but do you guys think a lot of programs will start to have Windows RT functionality?

Sorry for the ramblin, and looking forward to contributing to the website and getting to know some folks.

Cheers guys!
Yeah, the store doesnt not have the amount of apps like the other ones, but will with time. I use the People hub for any Facebook and Twitter activity. It doesnt have all the features that FB and TW has, but it does give you the ability to view posts, reply to posts, post you updates, and get notifications. To me, all that is enough for me. I need to tinker around with the FB settings, then I sign on through a web browser, which is something I do and handful of times now that I have Windows 8. There is one pretty decent FB app, it's not official, but works just fine. I think its called Facebook Touch or something like that. An official FB app would be nice though. Same for TW.

With the RT version, you wont be able to install anything through the desktop feature, only from the MS Store. I dont see that changing at all. Yes, the Pro you'll be able to install anything you'd like since it will be the full version of Windows 8.
Welcome Marco. It looks like MS is going to keep Windows RT locked down so that only the desktop apps that are currently on it will be all there is. For more than that, Windows 8 is going to be the answer you are going to get. Fortunately desktop has office and the standard file management, control panel, task manager, etc. that make it very functional despite not being able to add more.

Just as Windows 8 is the answer to any question about desktop apps, "they are coming" is the answer to any question about the app store apps. MS definitely is no Apple or Amazon when it comes to marketing, retail and web services and ironically some of the best apps available are apps that act as a portal to the app store like Great Windows Apps. Finding a good apps app can make the lack luster MS app store much better.

Whatever you can't find in the app store, then you have the actual website as has been mentioned. There is a valid question as to why you should use an app when you can just go to the full website. We have been conditioned in a short amount of time to seek out apps though. One way to get the app convenience for a website is to pin that website and then launch it just like an app.

There are many work arounds for the Surface RT's short comings which at the end of the day means there isn't much you can't do on the Surface RT. Read around the forum and you will be well on your way.

Apps will come. Almost 5000 apps were available at Windows 8 launch, we're almost 3 months in and there are over 35,000. Given Android had 16 specific tablet apps after 1 year, and iPad had 50,000 after 8 months the Windows Store is doing well. Microsoft does need to push and get at least the top 50 apps I think, but I'm sure they'll come.

Welcome to the Forum!