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A lurker no more

Cobalt Wraith

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Hello all,
I've been lurking around here for quite some time but finally got drawn into posting for some of the discussion going on around the new Surface Book.
I've had a Surface in some form since the launch of the first Surface Pro, and due to my obsession with them have owned thus far a Surface RT and Surface 2 (although both were mainly for my wife), three Surface Pros, two Surface Pro 2s, and three Surface Pro 3s in two separate configurations. Most of the duplicates were from damaging a device in some manner and replacing it through Microsoft's accidental damage warrantee program, although two were from configuration upgrades within the same generation.
With the Surface Book I've finally made peace with the fact that I buy Surface brand devices for their versatility more than anything else, and I am finally content enough with their performance that I may settle down for a while with a single model. Unless of course Microsoft does something stupidly awesome with the next generation, like they have every generation so far...
Back to the chase though, I sold consumer PCs for about 5 years, then moved to enterprise sales for 3 years where I got very happily familiar with the Surface Pro and what it has to offer. I currently work IT support for a university hospital in my area, and if I do say so myself it's nice to be officially joining you all as I've enjoyed your discussions and insights for quite some time. I'll look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Cobalt Wraith

New Member
sounds like you have the surface sickness :)

Is that what we're calling it these days? Sounds about right... I'm certain at this point my wife would prefer I settle down with a single PC for a while, but so far she has patiently just shook her head every time I wander home with a new model.