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GestureWorks Gameplay to Add Custom Controls to 'Hundreds' of Windows 8 Games


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GestureWorks Gameplay to add custom controls to 'hundreds' of Windows 8 games | Joystiq
Touch Controls for ANY game using GestureWorks. Perfect for Surface Pro : Surface


GestureWorks Gameplay, an application that allows users to build custom touch and gesture-based controls for "hundreds" of Windows 8 games, was revealed at the Intel Developer Forum last week. GestureWorks is planned to release in November 2013.

Developer Ideum plans to include "a dozen pre-built Virtual Controllers for popular Windows games" with GestureWorks. The software will also offer "easy to use, drag-and-drop" tools to allow for custom setups. Users will be able to place "joysticks, d-pads, switches, scroll wheels and buttons anywhere on the screen, change the size, opacity, and add colors and labels." The software will also support "over 200" gestures, some of those being multitouch.

If you're frequently frustrated by predefined touchscreen layouts, sign up to become a GestureWorks beta tester.


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I'll try to use it to get rid of this:


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I have the beta tester version. It actually works pretty well. But does take some time set up the virtual mapping for the games.