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Get 5.1 Trough HDMI


[Solved] Get 5.1 Trough HDMI

Hi all,

i have a problem with my surface pro, i can't get 5.1 channel with HDMI output

I have :

Surface pro
MiniDP to HDMI adapter
HDMI cable (1.4 i think)
TV LG 47LA6130 cabled with a toslink to a Sony 5.1 amplifier

When i tried to configure the output on TV, only stereo is displayed.

I found this thread on this forum, i try but no help, i can only set the "speakers" output.

Does anyone have 5.1 sound with the SP ?
Is there a driver to install ?

Thanks in advance,
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Hello again,

Just to solve my problem :

I had to install AC3 Splitter and check "Use SPDIF" to have DTS on my amplifier

Thank's anyway :)