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Problens getting Surround Sound with Windows 8 and Surface Pro


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I just rescently started using my Surface pro as my Media Center Device at home. I download Torrents from Kickasstorrents.com and store them on my PRO until i view them and decide whether they are worthy of being kept as a permanent addition to my media collection or not, at thich time they are transferred off my Surface Pro onto my 4GB NAS at home. I am writing this thread for the benefit of those who may be also using their SPro as a playback device connected through their surround sound receivers. you will notice that although you can test tone the sound from all channeds and get feedback through each speaker, that whenever playing back Sururround source signals through the SP you will get everything except the surround signals and the center channel, ie. Left, right and SW only. This can be resolved by going to realtek.com and installing realtek's HD driver software. the realtek drivers will provide everything needed to have an enjoyable and seemless interaction with your SP as a surround sound playback device once installed and configured- whether it be 5.1, 7.1 or 10.1.Finaly and most importantly, make sure your HDMI cable is compatible with at least HDMI ver 1.3, this is by far the most common issue we have found to prevent proper signal transfer from the Surface PRO and RT... enjoy.
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