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Get Decent WIFI


I have messed with the WiFi settings on my SP (notably deactivating Selective Suspend), spent hundreds of dollars upgrading my network, spent hours moving stuff that attends the signal without getting decent and continues WiFi out of my SP. Everything from the old Palm pilots, to the notebooks, android phones, Samsung tablets and Kindles works fine, but not the SP. Tony Z posted a link to this gadget on another thread: Amazon.com: Amped Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8 (TAN1): Computers & Accessories It works GREAT. 5 bars everywhere. Have to disable the SP WiFi adapter, which is the problem anyway. Clip is pretty great attached to a cover, not so sure it would work well on the SP directly. Best thing I have bought for the SP. 50 Bucks.
I think the current wifi issues with the SP are more related the 8.1 than anything else. Prior to 8.1 I never had any wifi issues.
I have not installed 8.1. I think it is within the realm of possibilities that I have a flaky WiFi adapter and antenna, but it works sometimes. Not seen a WiFi adapter test.
I have this sitting in unopened in a box cause I recently found an open network at work to use.
My Surface Pro seems to be awfully slow loading pages, even sitting right in front of my router and modem.

On the desktop they just pop open but on the Surface I often have to wait and wait for a page to load completely.

Otherwise, the Surface seems fine.

Are there instructions somewhere on how to tweak the network stuff on the Surface?
Ok I know I am not the only one that noticed surface pro WiFi Started acting slow, I mean really slow. Before the updates I did when I bought my surface pro, it would get 68 megs DS, now its running around 5 to 25 megs....if you read my earlier post, you will get the whole issue, but I had about 3 WiFi usb dongle, 1 of them from my notebook, its a Cisco n300 or AE2500. Well I thought I would give it a shot, only issue is that only a win 7 driver is all their is. Ok I ran the driver install, it found my Cisco-Linksys usb dual channel N type adapter and to my amazement ...it worked, now I get 68 to 70 megs DS. I unplugged it and choose built in WiFi....and it dropped back down to the teens or a little more at times.....now back to the usb WiFi...plugged it back in, SP found it right away did a speed test at grandecom test site and boom....back to what I pay for, 68 megs DS and 5 megs US.
Ok guys I am blown away at this problem with the WiFi...I know it must have been the march firmware release...can't say for sure but I did do a reset and did not download the updates this time, just for testing reasons of course. WiFi worked just like it was when I bought it. My brother has both models, his RT hit 68 megs DS everytime.....so is it the Pro or something else?
I really would like to compare notes on this subject with other full blown techies...so please guys jump in on this...it really is an issue and I know MS techs are working on it, at least that's what I read in my TechNet.
I think I am going to look for the best usb dongle I can find....oh yeah...for the first time my 5mhz rocks too, as well as my Asus 3 in 1 router, mine running in extender mode. I have had trouble with the 5mhz band on this RT-AC66u router with my iPad too, but for some odd reason this win 7 driver works just fine my SP using the Cisco AE-2500 or N300 USB Dongle...yeah buddy, most definitely hyped!
wifi sucks under 8.1 Preview, no doubt. The odd thing is that sometimes it works awesome, sometimes not at all, sitting in exactly the same spot. Sometimes it will be working fine then suddenly die for 5 minutes then work fine again.

Weird, who knows?
Seriously considering abandoning the SP and Windows altogether. My SP is the least reliable computer I have ever owned. I find something like this dongle to work around a clear design defect (they should have recalled many/all of them) and MS destabilizes the workaround with the next update. I am astounded they can't get basic WiFi engineering right, but think we should move our data to their "cloud" servers. Today, the SP is randomly turning off the USB WiFi dongle.
This morning I did a speed test on my SP and I was getting over 30 Mbps download speeds, but the pages still loaded and displayed very slowly compared to the desktop.

So it looks like the Wi-Fi on the SP may not be the problem because it is getting excellent download speeds.