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Well guys, after testing 3 other SP and 1 SPrt I can say that I have not seen any wifi issues with the RT build, but 1 of the SP Pro is doing what mine has been doing...very slow wifi. I get 68 Meg's DS that's what I pay for. Now my desktop and my iMac are getting 68 to 70 Meg's Down Stream....now that's great..right! But on my tablet it only gets 68 or more if I use my high speed Cisco n300 / ae2500 model loaded with the win 7 driver and it hails tail. I have done just about every thing I know which is a lot in my case. I just hate to return it for another tablet if Microsoft would at least tell use there is a problem with certain batches. Just my luck and I get a tablet with the same problem. I don't mind using the dongle, there are some really great ones out there these days, but that to me cheapens the overall performance by going around built in hardware that should work.
Now I have read a lot of post on users not getting any networks at all to show up under wifi. That has never happened to me or my tablet, matter of fact I pick up more networks in the hood than I do on my iPads. My ipads gets around 25 Meg's DS on average.
Ok....here is the question! Would you return it and hope it's a good one or not?
One more thing, my brother has both tablets too but he did not do the updates at all and got 68 Meg's every time....the other night I told him to go ahead and update the pro and guess what .....no wifi at all, like the other post I read. He removed them like I did and reset it, now without the updates it works! Tell me that this is a strange thing...right!
Well I am either going to return it and start over or wait for an update for the firmware or the Marvell wifi driver....god I hate these issues, always with new things with Microsoft, now the CEO is retiring. I will admit this my apple toys never give me trouble, ever...but they are not as good of a work tablet as SP Pro is. Well guys, I am off to do some more forum jumping with the tapatalk app...great app with thousands of forums all in one app on my ipad. Keep it coming guys, that's how users learn, from us that have done this for a living. Me...Retired and loving it!


Quick update: SP developed problems with the Amped adapter over the last 3 weeks. Was stopping communicating with a solid link and without 4-8 times a day. Turned it off and the SP WiFi on and have not lost communications since - a vast improvement over when I bought the Amped adapter in desperation.


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Strange as I haven't had a single WiFi issue since owning device. Glad to hear it seems to be performing better now. But I do have to ask, why don't you or didn't you do a warranty claim on it.? Seemed like a defect that's their fault so they should've taken care of you.