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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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I just posted my "like" on your Facebook page....
What would I use it for?: Couch surfing with Netflix and the news (with the built-in news app and the USA Today app); creating and/or editing Word, Excel, and Powerpoints docs when I'm on the road; Skyping with family and friends; listening to music through ear buds or my Bluetooth speaker. You know, all the good stuff.


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I would use it to do research for my assignments. I am currently studying for a degree in environmental science so this would come in handy.


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I would love a new Surface RT and would us it for a variety of things:

1. Writing my novel
2. Browsing the interwebs
3. Waching movies via local strage and Netflix
4. Playing games
5. Browsing and commenting on www.surfaceforums.net!


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I already own a Surface, and I use it for work and play both. It has become my default computer when I go out to visit clients. And I use it instead of my laptop while I'm surfing on the couch. :) If I won, I would give it as a gift to my brother.
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